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156797RE: [XP] TDD/unit testing in a team without unit testing

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  • Lukasz Szyrmer
    Jan 12, 2012
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      Thanks for the Mikado method reference, as I wasn't aware of that one. Looks fantastic, because it seems to address the business payoff of using TDD while refactoring (i.e. not adding new features). I'm concerned about spending a lot of time (more importantly convincing others to spend lots of their time) on something that ends up proving largely what I already know, so hopefully that will clear things up a bit.


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      On 1/11/12 9:28 AM, Chris Hulan wrote:
      > Don't know if it will help sell your team on unit tests,
      > but Michael Feathers' _Working Effectively with Legacy Code_ is the bible for
      > how to add tests to existing code with minimum disruption.

      I second Chris' recommendation of WELC and suggest you pair it with the
      Mikado Method (http://mikadomethod.wordpress.com/book/)

      - George

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