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156785TDD/unit testing in a team without unit testing

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  • Lukasz Szyrmer
    Jan 11, 2012
      Hi all,

      Just wondering if anyone might have some experience with or know of some good resources on doing TDD within a team that doesn't feel strongly about automated testing. Ron Jeffries mentions such a concept in passing in his book Extreme Programming Adventures in C#.

      Generally speaking, I can see the benefits of unit testing. We do some interface level-behavioural testing, particularly where it's easy, but I'm not sure if we're really getting the benefit from our efforts.

      We already have a CI environment which builds on every check-in, and this is quite useful. On some of our programs, tests are somewhat hard to write, as most of our desktop programs are traditional desktop (Borland) C++ apps with windows UIs, so there isn't a separation of concerns like with MVVM in WPF for example.

      In particular, is there a good way of writing tests against one class without being too disruptive for the project? Are there any intermediate steps possible? For example, are there any easy ways to unit test a specific fragile class? Is this just an issue of figuring out how to apply dependency injection in this context? Does it make sense to pull the class out context?

      I realize it would be good to get everyone on board with TDD on one hand, and lower-level unit testing on the other, but it's hard to sell if I have little experience with it.


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