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156636Re: [XP] Relevance of XP in Modern era

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  • Adam Sroka
    Jun 24, 2011
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      I am not measuring relevance in terms of popularity. That seems like a
      potentially dangerous way to make decisions ;-)

      XP is a complete software development approach that won't work in every
      environment (although pieces of it might.)

      Scrum is a product development framework that will work almost anywhere, but
      if you are going to do software development you are going to need to do more
      than just Scrum.

      Kanban is an operational management framework that will work almost
      anywhere, but, again, it doesn't stand alone. You need to know how to do
      product development AND software development in addition to Kanban.

      Lean and Agile are both complex, evolving collections of theories,
      principles, and practices that can be tremendously helpful but don't even
      begin to stand on their own.

      None of these are mutually exclusive. All are more or less compatible and
      where they aren't they provide options.
      On Jun 24, 2011 11:54 AM, "JeffGrigg" <jeffreytoddgrigg@...> wrote:
      > --- Adam Sroka <adam.sroka@...> wrote:
      >> There are those who believe that Scrum has superceded XP, ...
      > When measured as the popularity of claiming to be doing "X", Scrum has
      probably surpassed XP. But even if more teams were doing Scrum well than XP,
      I would still prefer to measure based on effectiveness, rather than
      popularity. If we were to take "measure by popularity" seriously, then I
      think we'd find "ad-hoc, unstructured, responding to whims" to be the most
      popular and widely adopted approach. >;->

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