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156557Re: [XP] Agile challenges

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  • Tim Ottinger
    May 6, 2011
      > What about a group trying to learn Agile? I've not had as much
      > distributed experience as you, probably, but I've found it unlikely for
      > a team to learn Agile development when dispersed. People who already
      > have an understanding can notice when and what they need to do to
      > compensate for the distance.

      I would not recommend distributed for people who don't already have a
      handle on what they're doing technically, who aren't already connected
      with the team, or who haven't done the agile thing before.

      That said, I have definitely worked with remotes who knew the product
      and the team but who have never been remote before, and some of
      them turned out great. Others disconnected even more. I guess there
      is some element of how much they want to be a part of it. Will
      trumps talent and difficulty in most cases.

      Tim Ottinger
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