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156292Agile Games 2011 - Call for Games!

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  • onlyareminder
    Jan 31, 2011
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      Now's your opportunity to share your ideas with the community, refine them before your present them at the Agile Games 2011 conference being held April 14-16 in Boston, MA.

      Proposed games can be posted on the Agilegames2011 website. The proposer can engage, discuss and promote their game with other event participants at the website. This interchange will be ongoing on the web discussion forum as well as in person during the first day of the event. So, submit your game now!

      Games will be played in 75-minute sessions on April 15th, the second day of the three day conference. We will have prizes for the best rated games. Anyone interested in submitting their game for the conference book will have the opportunity to do so. Get more details about the whole process at www.agilegames2011.com

      Don't forget to register for the event as well! Remember, anyone can submit a game proposals, but to play you have to register!