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156254Re: [XP] [LONG OT?] Hearing is not Understanding

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  • Kim Gräsman
    Jan 1, 2011
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      Hi Gary,

      On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 23:48, Gary Brown <glbrown@...> wrote:
      > We did shoot together about once a month.  He had a lot going on in his life
      > with an ailing father and a daughter getting married.
      > When we did shoot together, I spent much of the time just watching.  He was
      > so relaxed and calm and focused.  His hold seemed so still, motionless.
      > Every shot seemed to be the same.  As I learned what to watch for, I noticed
      > that he had a wobble, and when everything wasn't right, he stopped and
      > started over.  Seeing that he had some of the same problems that I was
      > struggling with helped me to stop fighting them and learn to accept them.
      > I do think that I would have progressed faster if we could have shot
      > together more often.  I spent a lot of time practicing bad technique, which
      > I am still working to correct.  On the positive side, this was a
      > particularly stressful time for me at work.  Going to the range at lunch or
      > after work helped me mentally, even if I wasn't getting any better at the
      > physical task.  8^)

      Thanks, that makes sense.

      I think there's a lesson there, in learning what to watch for. Some
      things people do (whether in software, collaboration or shooting) seem
      so insignificant that they barely warrant noticing, but once you've
      understood what difference a little thing can do, and why, it stands
      out as noticeable.

      Happy new year,
      - Kim
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