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156228Re: [XP] Becoming rational about Irrationality

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  • Tim Ottinger
    Dec 13, 2010
      ----- Original Message ----
      > If you behave as if people are irrational, you will often find that
      > they are. If you behave as if people are rational, you will often
      > find that they are.

      If you treat people as predictable, oh, who am I kidding.. people
      are full of surprises.

      Huge difference between irrational and stupid or foolish. People are
      brilliant, chaotic, inventive, optimizing, changeable, and capable of
      leaps of intuition and analogy that are shocking, amusing, and
      If you do great things in ways that are unpredict
      I respect people who are different, including those who are
      intuitive in ways that I would never have anticipated, and
      those who are rational beyond my knowledge.

      If you treat amazing people as if they are purely rational
      beings, you might find that you've underestimated them.
      Likewise if you think you can understand people without
      understanding the unique context of the person.problem

      I'm at the modern/postmodern boundary. I think it's grand.

      Tim Ottinger
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