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156177Becoming rational about Irrationality

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  • PAUL
    Nov 28, 2010
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      Hi All,

      I have come to accept that three widely held assumptions about organisations are in fact false:

      1. The assumption of order: that there are underlying
      relationships between cause and effect in human interactions
      and markets, which are capable of discovery
      and empirical verification.

      2. The assumption of rational choice: that faced with a
      choice between one or more alternatives, human ac-
      tors will make a "rational" decision based only on
      minimizing pain or maximizing pleasure; and, in consequence,
      their individual and collective behavior can
      be managed by manipulation of pain or pleasure outcomes
      and through education to make those consequences

      3.The assumption of intentional capability: that the acquisition
      of capability indicates an intention to use
      that capability, and that actions from competitors,
      populations, nation states, communities, or whatever
      collective identity is under consideration are the result
      of intentional behavior. In effect, we assume that
      every "blink" we see is a "wink," and act accordingly.
      We accept that we do things by accident, but assume
      that others do things deliberately.


      Once you accept these assumptions are false, it becomes easier to reason about irrational behaviour. In this light the current adoption curve of Agile practices is totally rational and all that is needed is patience.

      It took Toyota over 40 years to become great at car manufacturing, why should we expect an whole industry with prior vested interests to re-invent itself in just 10 years?

      Perhaps all we need to do is keep our message simple and consistent and just be patient?


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