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155970Re: [XP] Re: Is experimentation an XP value?

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  • Steven Gordon
    Nov 7, 2010
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      On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 3:32 AM, Philip <philip.johann.schwarz@...>wrote:

      > > Courage is an XP value ... because XP teams do things that justify
      > > courage.
      > >
      > > Scrum teams often have none of those practices, which means they
      > > have no reason to have courage.
      > Yes, as Kent Beck says on p 34 of the 1st edition of XP Explained:
      > If you don't have the first three values in place, courage by itself is
      > just plain hacking (in the pejorative sense of that word). However, when
      > combined with communication, simplicity, and concrete feedback, courage
      > becomes extremely valuable.
      This view assumes that team responsibility and authority already exist,
      otherwise communication, simplicity, feedback and courage only go as far as
      the person who has organizational responsibility and authority will allow

      This is what Scrum brings to an organization that is adopting Agile so late
      in the game. It establishes that the team has the responsibility to make
      commitments and the authority to decide how to meet those commitments.
      This, along with retrospectives, creates a very good environment for teams
      to then adopt XP without management FUD and interference. Of course, it
      cannot guarantee that the team will choose to do retrospectives and try to
      get better, but it gives them a fighting chance despite a risk-averse
      management structure.

      Steven Gordon

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