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155969Re: [XP] Re: A trend in career creation?

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  • Charlie Poole
    Nov 7, 2010
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      On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 6:21 AM, D.André Dhondt <d.andre.dhondt@...> wrote:
      > I moved multiple teams down more
      > than 50%... but then again, as I said before, they 'did it themselves'.

      This is always the case. No outsider can "change an organization."
      Only people in
      that organization can change and the aggregate of all those changes is what we
      generally refer to as organizational change.

      I offer myself as someone who can *help* folks who are trying to
      change. Claiming
      to do more than that is false advertising - no matter who says it.

      Even managers can't change the organizations they "control." All they
      get to change
      is there own behavior, using feedback from other organizational
      members to modify
      that behavior further. In most of my engagements, I arrange to have
      access to managers
      at least a few levels above the team. I try to stress the limitations
      of the "managing"
      role in introducing change. Mostly, they aren't surprised at this -
      good managers usually
      have a good understanding of the limits of management.

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