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155956Re: [XP] Is experimentation an XP value?

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  • Adam Sroka
    Nov 6 5:10 PM
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      On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 5:09 AM, Laurent Bossavit <laurent@...> wrote:
      > > The XP teams that I have worked with, on the other hand, seemed to
      > > value experimentation
      > >
      > Something bugs me here... If you are using "XP team" as a shorthand
      > for "teams who use XP practices", ditto Scrum, then you're almost
      > stating a tautology: "the teams I've seen who are using Scrum
      > practices but not XP practices are reluctant to adopt XP practices".
      > That's more or less what made them Scrum teams in the first place,
      > right?

      That makes sense. To put it in the proper context the teams that are
      doing Scrum without XP practices are doing what they were told to do.
      Many of them have no idea how to do XP practices. The reason that I am
      there is to help them figure out how/if XP practices will help them.

      > So, basically you seem to be saying that some teams adopt some
      > practices that some other teams don't.

      That's not exactly what I meant to be saying, but it is true. For the
      most part these teams didn't chose Scrum, it was forced on them. I
      don't want to force XP on them. So, I am in the somewhat tenuous
      position of saying that I think some of the practices will help them
      do Scrum more effectively. The problem with that is that most of the
      time they don't want to try new things.

      In particular, if they are faced with some arbitrary deadline imposed
      by the business then I can almost guarantee they will reject any
      changes introduced prior to that deadline. I can't really say I blame
      them for that, but I want to understand it better so that I can help.

      > Can you clarify? Do you mean something else by "X team" than "a team
      > using practices from X", and if so why? Other than being more or less
      > willing to adopt XP practices, what observations characterize, for
      > you, a team as "risk averse" or "willing to experiment"?

      I always try new things. If you suggested to me that wearing silly
      hats while we programmed would raise our brain temperature and make us
      more productive I would be willing to try it for a couple weeks and
      measure the results.

      Most of the fellow XPers I have worked with have been similarly
      willing to try things. I can't say that every one has, but it seems to
      be a majority.

      The teams I am working with now seem very averse to this. If it is not
      obviously a better idea than what they are currently doing they don't
      even want to talk about it. Even if they agree that it is a better
      idea they are still averse to trying it if there is risk involved in
      failing (I personally love to fail and try again. It's the only way to
      learn anything.)

      Come to think of it, this may have little to do with Scrum and more to
      do with the corporate culture I am dealing with. So, maybe that part
      of my premise was flawed.
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