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155893[XP] Re: Agile suitability

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  • paul
    Oct 14, 2010
      --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, Steven Gordon <sgordonphd@...> wrote:

      > It is not like scope and time constraints at such enterprises are really
      > being met now (if so, I say they should not be adopting agile because their
      > current methods are working). So maybe the constraints are invalid.

      Sorry thats a bit of a circular argument - the fact (probability ?) that methods don't deliver actually gives an opportunity for agile to demonstrate superiority.

      > Furthermore, the scope of such projects can be decomposed into smaller
      > projects. Then the coordinating effort becomes one of coordinating
      > projects, not individual developers working on the same large, unwieldy
      > project.

      Indeed, but its coordinating projects where agile is currently weak compared to coordinating individuals. Multiple projects/teams is still better under agile than one massive one - its just that we are still feeling way somewhere when applying agile at this scale.

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