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155745Re: [XP] This could be fun. I hope.

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  • Clive Evans
    Oct 1, 2010
      On 1 Oct 2010, at 00:34, David H wrote:
      > Having been in that situation myself (as the sys admin) I would never
      > allow the deveolpment team to fuck around with an interface that
      > monitors a live system just to make it prettier on my cell phone. I
      > would rather get myself a better cellphone, such as an iPhone where I
      > can have a half decent, fully featured browser. The one thing you do
      > not
      > do when you are a system adinsitrator is fuck around with a system
      > that
      > is up and running well just because you want a prettier interface to
      > access it. You would usually try it out on a backup system or a system
      > that monitors machines which are not in live use. After that has
      > worked
      > for a while you _might_ transiiton it into the real environment.

      Having become a developer after spending a lot of time as a System
      Administrator tweaking my control interfaces almost constantly, I'd
      suggest that while you may be playing safe, in actuality you're
      missing out on an opportunity to learn more about running your systems
      and improve your reliability steadily.

      Prettier is very important in control systems, as is usability. Being
      Pretty and usable on devices such as a mobile phone is one of the best
      things you can aspire to - it takes your time to respond to an
      incident to almost nothing, regardless of where you are and whether
      you are on technically duty or not.

      Clive Evans
      "Black holes are where God divides by zero" - anon
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