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155027Re: Wrong: a minimal yet powerful assertion library for Ruby

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  • Phlip
    Aug 31, 2010
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      > Expected "hand".include?("bird"), but "hand" does not include "bird"

      Okay, add a 'rake doc' build target to your application, and let it format
      every test case name as an entry in a big table, automatically documenting
      the program.

      Then each assertion should emit its diagnostic message, stated positively,
      into this report.

      > The gem's been released on RubyGems, so "gem install wrong" should
      > work, but you might be better off following the github project(s).
      > - Alex

      If I were still majorly active in Ruby I would pass the assert{ 2.0 } baton
      to Alex, but I'm not, so he gets it by fiat!

      (Either way, all languages should do all of this, automatically, when any
      assertion fails, so both my version and Alex's are just hacks until we get a
      real fix. Any decade now, guys...)

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