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154559Re: [XP] pair programming in 3 people team

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  • Ilja Preuß
    Jul 21, 2010
      2010/7/21 D.André Dhondt <d.andre.dhondt@...>:
      > On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 6:16 PM, Ilja Preuß <iljapreuss@...>wrote:
      >> Either a task is worth doing, in which case
      >> it's also worth being paired on; or it simply shouldn't be done.
      > The odd-person out needs something to do.  When there are no more support
      > tasks, customer interviews, or demos to do, what's left? It's not that these
      > things are less important--but there is a lot more risk in coding alone than
      > some other types of activities.  The solo person should use discretion and
      > avoid risky work, or ask for help when needed... and should find low risk
      > work to do.

      If you switch pairs often, and start each pairing session with a quick
      review of what has been done by the lone programmer, risk already is
      reduced quite a lot, in my experience.

      >> I'm also sceptical of using task boundaries for pair switching.
      > There are definitely problems with it--team members may be left out entirely
      > from a task.  On the other hand, when I paired on every single card in 45
      > minute increments, it made it harder for some of the more junior folk to
      > learn from their own mistakes... I think that it's nice for a person to be
      > able to see their way through implementing a full idea.

      For junior people, my last team found that what worked best was to
      pair in the morning, and to work alone in the evening. That way, they
      could review for themselves what they learned in the morning, and try
      some low risk steps for themselves. YMMV.

      Cheers, Ilja
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