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154457Re: [XP] Re: Results are in on organizational culture survey

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  • Laurent Bossavit
    Jul 14, 2010
      Hi Paul,
      > Well done! Keeps us all posted. In fact can you tells us more?
      I'm just getting things off the ground at the moment, so I may have
      more to tell in a few months. The initiative is called Institut Agile
      and aims at two things, growing the agile business ecosystem and
      getting agile on the map as a research topic on an equivalent footing
      to "software engineering". The scope is (for now) local to France. One
      of the first items on the roadmap is to start establishing a database
      of projects for the purposes of those longitudinal studies I mentioned
      in the article I posted earlier. Another is to get in touch with
      everyone I can find doing research on agile practices (typically in
      software engineering departments) and put them in touch with each other.

      Laurent Bossavit
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