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154077Re: [XP] Cost of Process Changes?

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  • Jeff Anderson
    Jun 9, 2010
      Actually I think you can incrementally improve by lowering wip and
      measuring the impact of change on lead and cycle time, I've tried it
      and so far I'm impressed with the results, so +1 on the Kanban.

      I disagree with Tim, measurements are another source of data, just
      don't confuse them with the truth, it's a tool but you can very like
      invent your own correlations so you need to be careful with them. That
      being said lack of measurability is one of the reasons software
      development resembles magic and religion more than technology,
      agilists and waterfallers argue without and real evidence. This is
      slowly changing.

      I would track new processes by a couple of key measures, but be ready
      for some short term dips (to tims point)

      I like the ones suggested by the kanban approach.
      -lead time
      -cycle time
      -failure intake vs value intake

      This ties all process changes to improvements in the system.

      On 6/9/10, George Dinwiddie <lists@...> wrote:
      > Tim, I sense a card lurking in your reply.
      > - George
      > Tim Ottinger wrote:
      >> Cost: your sanity, 5% of the team at least, and management upset.
      >> Less joking:
      >> If you actually want to prevent a change, measure it by the day,
      >> hour, or week.
      >> If you want it to succeed, then measure it by the quarter or year.
      >> After two years, we have measurable improvements (huge decrease in
      >> known errors, faster release of small new features, shorter release
      >> test cycles, fewer regressions, fewer broken builds per month,
      >> decrease in code size, increase in test count and test coverage, etc.
      >> If you measured two or three months in, all of the good measures
      >> would be down and all the bad ones up.
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