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154001Re: Shouldnt done include everything.

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  • xtremenilanjan
    Jun 1, 2010
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      This is aside from my original question-

      Isn't it setting the bar high - if we expect programmers to keep programming till the end of the iteration? :-) Do let me know if I should expect this.

      I am thinking more from the point of view of a software product team

      --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@...> wrote:
      > Hello, xtremenilanjan. On Monday, May 31, 2010, at 9:38:43 AM,
      > you wrote:
      > > Some agile teams I have spoken to and a few accounts I have read,
      > > do a certain amount of testing after the iteration is complete.
      > > The idea is that acceptance tests are done, but there are still
      > > minor defects which need to be closed. In some cases people do
      > > exploratory testing, performance testing etc. in the next iteration.
      > > Shouldn't "done" include everything? The purpose from what I
      > > understand is to keep the concept of "complete" simple - done or
      > > not done and get a customer buy-in.
      > > I can understand having performance tests outside the iteration.
      > > However, I don't see why exploratory testing would not fall into a single iteration.
      > Clearly it is difficult to do all the exploratory testing within the
      > iteration, unless programmers stop programming before the end. (They
      > could just "fix bugs" at the end but in that case I would downgrade
      > them for having enough bugs to fix.)
      > However, if exploratory testing finds defects, I would think that
      > one or both of these things is true:
      > 1. Acceptance criteria are not clear;
      > 2. Automated testing is not strong enough.
      > So if exploratory testing is finding defects, the team has some
      > learning to do. If it isn't finding defects, it can still be finding
      > "interesting things" which can be turned into new stories.
      > If exploratory testing is only turning up "interesting things", then
      > it is no longer a problem when it is done. Next iteration can be
      > just fine.
      > Ron Jeffries
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