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150760Re: [XP] Pair Programming problem: 3 pros 2 cons. What to do?

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  • Dale Emery
    Jun 4, 2009
      Hi Ron,

      > In the same weird way, production of buggy features can be considered
      > > productivity. And removal of those bugs can also be considered
      > > productivity.
      > I really don't think so.

      You haven't worked where I've worked...

      At one pep rally, the CEO said, "Stop trying to get it perfect. It only has
      to be 70 percent right!" The managers consistently gave bonuses to people
      who produced anything that could be put in front of a customer, even if it
      didn't work as the customers needed.

      And every now and then they switched the whole development department into
      "bug busters" mode, and paid us bonuses to find and fix bugs.

      That company survived until they had competition.


      Dale Emery, Consultant
      Inspiring Leadership for Software People
      Web: http://dhemery.com
      Weblog: http://cwd.dhemery.com

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