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150653Re: [XP] Re: Certification on eXtreme Programming

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  • Adrian Howard
    May 8, 2009
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      On 6 May 2009, at 04:08, Ron Jeffries wrote:

      > Hello, Adrian. On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, at 11:37:58 AM, you wrote:
      >> That said, my perception is that the odds of getting a bad candidate
      >> at interview increase if they have certifications listed on their
      >> resume.
      >> My post hoc rationalisation for this experiences is not so much
      >> related to the certification programme itself (although many of them
      >> have severe problems), but to the sort of folk they can attract.
      >> The less creative, by-the-book, list-following developer seems to see
      >> certification programmes as a way to prove their competence. The more
      >> creative, problem-oriented, passionate developers seem to spend their
      >> free chunk of career development time building something cool, or
      >> learning erlang, or contributing to open source projects or...
      > Interesting model. I can see how it might be.

      Not sure that it is mind - I'm often wrong :)

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