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149660Re: [XP] Integration with non-XP teams

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  • Olof Bjarnason
    Apr 2, 2009
      2009/4/2 Tim Ottinger <linux_tim@...>:
      > Olof Bjarnason says:
      >> I'm thinking; wouldn't modern social communication tool like twitter
      >> be one way of keeping in synch?
      >> Say, each team has twitter user, and all team members can post on that.
      >> Then, everyone that is interested in what happens on that team can
      >> subscribe to that twitter user.
      > A lot of places install jabber servers. It can help, if people actually
      > watch it.
      > Some places it's poorly attended and poorly monitored, and helps not at all.
      > I find that wikis are pretty easy to ignore, even easier than emails.
      > A local skype appeals to me. Messages are persistant enough, immediate
      > enough.

      A group chat channel in skype is another idea, yes.

      Have you tried twitter/are you using twitter..? I think it is quite
      good for "notifications". A lot better than mails/blogs/wikis. How
      well a Skype group channel works out, I don't know. I guess a browser
      could be embedded with "home page" = your twitter feed, inside the
      IDE, to facilitate frequent viewing. Or something like that.

      [ Note: I cannot technically see why twitter is so good for
      notifications - IME it just is that way .. ]

      > Tim Ottinger
      > http://agileinaflash.blogspot.com/
      > http://agileotter.blogspot.com/

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