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149658Re: [XP] Integration with non-XP teams

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  • Tim Ottinger
    Apr 2, 2009
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      > From: davenicolette <dnicolet@...>
      > You're right. The solution to the true problem would be to improve the level of
      > communication and collaboration in the organization.
      > It isn't always possible to achieve that in the short term. In those cases, we
      > have to do the best thing that is feasible to do.

      As a bit of social engineering, just make sure that they don't perceive
      the problem as you being agile, but rather that you were done first.
      If agile is the "problem", the solution is to stop it. I've seen it
      blamed for the wrong things.

      My most recent reversal was luckily when they blamed it for the right things.
      With agile, we worked on fewer things at once and followed given priorities.
      Certain individuals lost the ability to bypass priorities and assign whatever
      they want done directly to an individual developer. Since they didn't buy the
      whole lean/agile thing, they eventually reverted. I think that's fine.

      What I would hate to see is that they perceive your success as failure here.
      Do some marketing. Make sure they know that you're ahead of the game. It's
      important insurance.

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