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149653Re: [XP] Integration with non-XP teams

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  • Tim Ottinger
    Apr 1, 2009
      > From: davenicolette <dnicolet@...>
      > We can't prevent code from going stale while it waits for other groups to finish
      > their parts of the solution. By keeping our own code as clean as possible, we
      > minimize the impact of differences in the interfaces that come up when other
      > groups finalize their designs. If they won't provide interim versions for us to
      > test against, then we've got no way to know whether our code has gone stale, or
      > how badly. There's no magic bullet.

      Perception altering:

      The problem isn't that your code went stale waiting for them. Being done first
      is the culprit? I think not.

      The problem, rather, is that they didn't provide you feedback as they made
      changes to their code (finalized their designs). Had they kept you in the
      loop, there wouldn't be a disconnect.

      Some would argue that their final design differed from the spec, and that was
      the problem. I don't buy that, because as-built is always a little different
      from as-designed due to corrective steering.

      You are not at fault if they deliver something different than they expected
      to. The answer, most likely, lies in them keeping you aligned as they make
      improvements. Maybe by testing early with you.

      That's just good interface management, not an agile issue per se. One side
      is always done first unless they get together and drive the two home together.

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