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14963Don't let Pair Programming be a Deal Breaker

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  • John Brewer
    Nov 1 12:16 PM
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      Don't let the fact that people can't (or won't) pair keep you from
      enjoying the benefits of the other 11 practices of XP.

      Understand what you're giving up, though. You'll probably need to
      have technical reviews to keep code quality up. And people will be
      much more likely to waste time on "rabbit trails" while coding. And
      you'll have to monitor more for people going off process (not testing
      and integrating enough, for example).

      XP minus pairing is less good than full XP. But XP minus pairing is
      probably substantially better than what you're doing today.

      John Brewer
      Jera Design

      --- In extremeprogramming@egroups.com, Extreme Programming Lab
      <xplab@i...> wrote:
      > I think he is more concerned about how the developers will deal with
      > to work with others. We have some developers who don't work well
      > others and they would not much care to have to pair program.
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