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146616Re: [XP] Re: Need advice preparing the waters for XP

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  • Mike Coon
    Dec 1, 2008
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      So have you talked to this PM about the pairing experience you had
      together? Have you acknowledged your shortcomings to him in a way that
      might allow him to trust you and help in your efforts?

      Why was original XP team's breakup acrimonious? Have the factors that
      contributed to that been addressed?

      Is pairing the thing you need most? Does the team understand refactoring?
      Do you have unit tests? Functional tests? Automated regression tests? A
      prioritized backlog?

      If technical debt is the problem you're trying to solve is pairing really
      the highest priority practice to start with?


      On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 7:20 PM, banshee858 <cnett858@...> wrote:

      > >
      > > Advice?
      > >
      > A good start would be to think about what sort of needs your
      > organization has and identify the (XP) requirements which meet those
      > needs. I have a structured set of thinking exercises I use when I
      > coach teams on how to transition to Agile processes which might be
      > helpful here. If you are in San Diego this week, I will be running a
      > workshop on how to do this at the local XPSD (www.xpsd.org) meeting.
      > Carlton
      > www.carltonnettleton.com\blog

      http://mikeonitstuff.net/ New Blog
      http://mikeonitstuff.com/ Old Blog

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