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146056Re: [XP] Re: Unit vs Integration TDD

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  • Rick Mugridge
    Nov 8, 2008
      J. B. Rainsberger wrote:
      > I suggest programmers focus on isolated object tests and testers focus
      > on integration and end-to-end tests. If they do that, then they'll
      > come together pretty well at some point.
      > ----

      I believe that it's not the scale of the test that should determine who
      writes it.

      It's instead whether the tests expresses stuff that's part of the
      problem space or part of the solution space. Of course, where that
      boundary sits is critically dependent on the project and who is
      involved. And it changes as the problem, and solution, are better

      And there can be several layers, with a solution space at one level
      being a problem space at another. So, for example, I'm happy to use
      storytests for specifying the technical details of communication with
      another system that is managed by another team. And I'm happy to have
      some storytests that mock out that other system so that we can use
      additive "specification"/testing rather than multiplicative across the
      systems. As always, we still need some end-to-end to ensure it's all
      wired together correctly and that failure modes across them are managed

      So I find the usual distinctions between unit tests and end-to-end tests
      and X, Y, Z tests to be unhelpful. As it's too late and too hard to
      refactor the terminology, I try (unsuccessfully) to avoid it.

      I prefer Brian Marick's distinction between customer-facing and
      programmer-facing tests.

      Cheers, Rick
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