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145837[ANN] Free Lean Software Dev Course Taught On-line by Alan Shalloway

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  • Alan Shalloway
    Nov 3, 2008
      Free Lean Software Development Course Taught On-line by Alan Shalloway
      I was thinking this course would be of great interest to XPers. I have
      long been a fan of the XP engineering practices and hold them to be an
      essential part of software development. Neverthess, how to scale XP, or
      any agile process, has certain challenges. While I do not believe the
      XP community has hit the same challenges the Scrum community has, I
      believe this course will be of great benefit to those using XP in
      multi-team projects.

      Lean-Thinking provides a framework from which to improve virtually any
      organization's software development process. While not a panacea, Lean
      provides clarity on what to look at and how to solve the problems that
      are often beyond other methods. For software development organizations,
      Lean provides several principles that provide guidance to Agile methods,
      particiularly Scrum. Lean will assist those organizations which have
      either had problems adopting Agile methods or those who have been
      successful at the team level and are now attempting to scale it to the
      Enterprise. See Alan Shalloway's blog Is Scrum Failing Us?
      <http://www.netobjectives.com/blogs/Is-Scrum-Failing-Us> for some
      examples of the challenges Lean can give guidance to.
      This Free on-line training is true training, including lectures,
      readings, exercises and question & answer periods. The intent of this
      training is:

      * Provide the equivalent of a one-day Lean Software Development
      Overview course * Promote Lean Software Development to many in the
      industry * To improve the ability of participants to explain to
      their associates why Lean Software Development is useful * Provide
      insights on how to scale Agile/Scrum to the enterprise

      If you are wondering why we are offering this free training, click here
      <http://www.netobjectives.com/why-free-online-lean> .

      Clickk here
      -dec-2008> for details of the course and to register.

      Alan Shalloway
      CEO, Net Objectives
      Achieving Enterprise and Team Agility

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