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142099[ANN:] Continuous Integration on Steroids @ XPSD - Thursday, May 1st @ 6:00PM

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  • June Clarke
    Apr 30, 2008
      With the increasing adoption of XP techniques, and continuous integration in
      particular, a number of tools have emerged to support CI at an enterprise
      level. At this month's eXtreme Programming San Diego meeting, Stephen Gargan
      will give a technical tutorial that will cover the full continuous
      integration stack that facilitates a well developed CI process suitable for
      enterprise environments. This talk is aimed at software engineers/developers
      and will be slightly longer than our usual meeting duration (2 hours).

      The tutorial will demonstrate how to set up a robust agile release process
      using Maven2. You will learn the complete Maven lifecycle building up to
      implementing a single-click release process. Included in the CI system will
      - functional testing using Cargo
      - an enterprise repository manager: Nexus
      - TeamCity as a continuous integration server
      - Perforce for configuration management

      Stephen Gargan has been a Maven maven and evangelist since its release and
      has spoken on the topic at XPSD in 2004. He can be found programming during
      every waking moment except when he is reading the pragmatic bookshelf.

      ** This meeting will start promptly at 6pm so please arrive 10 minutes early
      if you have not been to our meetings before. If you have attended an XPSD
      meeting in the past, please RSVP to joonspoon@... so that we can
      have a badge waiting for you.

      The meeting will be held at SAIC on Campus Point Dr. (
      http://xpsd.org/SAICDirections ) from 6-8 PM on Thursday May 1st. If you are
      not a U.S. citizen, bring your passport with you to the meeting.