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141675[ANN:] XPSD Meeting - Thursday, April 3rd @ 6:00PM

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  • Clarke, June
    Apr 2, 2008

      You won't get any if you keep going to talks like this one:

      A Little Taste of NMock2 For That Smooth, Relaxing, Unit-Testing Flavor.

      We'll explore how the NMock2 library makes it easy to remove
      dependencies and test behaviors in unit tests, allowing you to quickly
      set up tests that confirm your code does what you want it to be doing.

      This code-intensive presentation covers the motivation for using Mock
      Objects, and once we have covered the basics, we'll show our
      unbelievably effective technique for using dynamic mock objects as an
      exploratory discovery tool for introducing characterization tests for
      "legacy" code (that is, code without sufficient tests as described by
      Michael Feathers).

      NMock2 is a free, open source dynamic mock object library for .NET that
      can help you isolate the target and test only the localized
      functionality. This is very easy to do, and you can be up and running in
      just a few minutes. Mock objects can give you years of trouble-free
      pleasure that you otherwise miss out on if you don't come to this

      The meeting will be held at SAIC on Campus Point Dr. (
      http://xpsd.org/SAICDirections ) from 6-7:30 PM on Thursday April 3rd.
      Please RSVP to joonspoon@... so that we can have a badge ready
      for you. If you are not a U.S. citizen, bring your passport with you to
      the meeting.