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141664Re: [XP] Prediction, change and the $2.10 game.

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Apr 1 5:37 AM
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      Hello, Brad. On Tuesday, April 1, 2008, at 8:23:28 AM, you wrote:

      >> Or, perhaps, by making them transparent against their wishes? Hmmm?

      > Do you find that this approach actually works, or were you making a
      > comment about John's implementation of that approach? I ask because
      > whenever I've seen this tried, I've generally seen two outcomes. One is
      > that it works, sort of, with some major back-pedaling on the whole
      > "transparency" front. The other is that people become more adept at
      > *appearing* transparent, while actually becoming more opaque.

      I have no reason to believe that this works. On the other hand, the
      kind of secrecy we are seeing today in the US government isn't
      working all that well either.

      In his book /The Transparent Society/, David Brin makes the point
      that all kinds of information about us all will be collected, and
      that the best treatment for it may not be to leave it in the hands
      of a "few" who will "protect" it.

      Ron Jeffries
      Perhaps this Silver Bullet will tell you who I am ...
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