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138398Re: [XP] Group vote for C unit testing framework

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  • Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
    Jan 27, 2008
      I'd like to point out CATSRunner, as a C unit testing framework
      especially written for use in embedded software. The original release is
      adapted for the ARM 7 CPU, i.e. you can run your tests on ARM 7 and on a
      desktop PC. The idea is that the framework has a generic part and a part
      that needs to run on whatever your target CPU is. Users can port it to
      other target CPUs fairly simply. The work you'd do to port this is work
      you must do anyway to hook up debugging on your target CPU.


      The above link gives info about this. I helped write this framework. The
      intent was to keep it all in C, to work for those unfamiliar with C++ or
      Perl, etc.

      This is rather specialised, and I haven't heard of other test frameworks
      that attempt to do the same - work in C, specifically for embedded
      software development.

      - njv

      Nancy Van Schooenderwoert Leading edge Agile coaching

      Hugo Garcia wrote:
      > Hi
      > C doesn't seem to have a "standard" library for unit testing like
      > other languages.
      > Which framework do you use?
      > If you are a framework author/contributor then please compare and
      > contrast if the other frameworks.
      > Thank You in advance.
      > -H

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