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137280Re: [XP] FIT is bad for automation (was How are you doing 1-week iterations?)

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  • Simon Jones
    Dec 3, 2007
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      > How complex is your domain? How are you finding, with Selenium
      Reasonably complex in my previous incarnation. One internal product
      management system and a publicly facing corporate webshop and
      customer self-serve.

      > 1) Evolving the tests (or is your ui very stable)?
      Not too bad, but, as the UI changed quite a bit Selenium tests can
      become quite fragile. One of the ways we mitigated this was to use
      another web system (OpenACS) as a test producer. Because its TCL
      based manipulating text and creating dynamic pages is easy, so often
      Selenium tests became TCL web pages designed to dynamically generate
      the required selenium based on querying the application.

      > 2) Speed of running (and the impact on feedback time)?
      Can be slow yes.. Using firefox and a few tweaks helped though.

      > 3) Their value in thinking about the domain?
      This is where I think selenium wins and also where its useful when
      the UI is actually very important.

      Selenium is technical enough that you can do quite powerful things
      with it. Its simple enough that any tester can pick it up quite
      easily and its /visible/ enough that the customer can /see/ what the
      test is doing.

      Although Selenese tests can become quite time consuming to manage, in
      our case it was worth it becuase such importance was placed on the
      behaviour and appearance of the website under test. Things like
      whether certain text appeared, certain HTMl directives were in the
      page, certain flows behaved as expected were all quite high priority
      for our customer.

      But, from a personal POV I would highly recommend OpenACS as a pretty
      neat 'testing platform'. The TCL driven architecture (and AOLServer)
      were pretty much ahead of their time a few years ago, but they still
      perform quite well and most importantly its easy to build web stuff
      quickly... TCL always was a pretty good language for test
      development, even before agile.
      > Cheers, Rick
      > Michael Dubakov wrote:
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      > >
      > > ...
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      > > But we do write regression tests to make sure that all working as
      > > expected. And regression tests on Selenium are MUCH easier to
      > > and support.
      > >
      > > Michael Dubakov
      > > http://www.targetprocess.com <http://www.targetprocess.com>
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