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135572Re: What is a spike? (was Re: [XP] What objections have you heard to doing a spike?)

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  • Adrian Howard
    Oct 3, 2007
      On 3 Oct 2007, at 15:07, Ron Jeffries wrote:
      > I was taught by the inventor of the term, whom I may of course have
      > misunderstood entirely, that a spike was an experiment where one
      > quickly blasts through all the levels of some problem, so as better
      > to understand it and its solution.
      > As such, I pull the notion out whenever I see alternatives (or no
      > alternative) and need better understanding.
      > I would try never to do a spike that took a whole day, because I've
      > found that I can usually learn what I need to know in far less time
      > than that. If a spike takes ten minutes, I think that's just fine.

      I'm pretty sure your definition is more globally accepted than mine.
      I would imagine that I've moved from the book definition to mine over
      the years. Silly me.

      Now I think of it - my experimental stories should just be called...
      stories. That's how we treat them after all.

      Adrian (feeling especially dim this week :)
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