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135542Re: [XP] What objections have you heard to doing a spike?

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  • Adrian Howard
    Oct 1, 2007
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      Another belated response.

      On 20 Sep 2007, at 14:56, Phlip wrote:
      > Scenario: We all use the Foo library, but Anu read a chirpy blog
      > entry about
      > the Bar library. That means Anu just volunteered, without the
      > benefit of a
      > pair, to spike the Bar library into our project, to give us a
      > comparison.
      > The rest of the team doesn't slow down, with Foo, just because Anu is
      > spiking. Hence Anu's code must be replaced.

      I would agree. I guess we find the discipline of always writing
      production quality code easier to keep to than the discipline of
      knowing what's production quality and what isn't and throwing the
      right bits away.

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