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133929Re: [XP] Agile Dojo

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  • Arnaud Bailly
    Aug 2, 2007
      Robert Biddle <Robert_Biddle@...> writes:

      > Ron Jeffries wrote:
      > > I am no expert in martial arts, but here is my report. My point
      > > isn't to change your mind, which I expect not to be possible, but to
      > > offer a different viewpoint. My martial art is T'ai Chi,
      > > ...
      > I read Ron's message and have a similar story to report. My marital
      > art was called "Salsa", and we practiced in a place called a
      > "Studio". We met the same time every week, and our teacher helped us
      > learn new skills and practice them. We also began with a ritual,
      > whereby we all admired each others clothes and fitness.

      Mine is called "Tango" and the location name in use is a "Practice". :-)

      > So I agree with Ron that this was an excellent way to learn. Many of
      > us met at organisations were we were encouraged to practice our
      > techniques. Some later established partnerships based on this marital
      Interesting semantic collision ;-)

      So according to your/our examples, here is what defines a dojo:
      1. a teacher, someone that can teach me new skills, correct me if I'm
      2. a place, where I can practice those newly taught skills and
      congregate with ...
      3. people, like me, from which I can also learn and with which I can
      interact, with ...
      4. good will and respect.

      OQube < software engineering \ génie logiciel >
      Arnaud Bailly, Dr.
      \web> http://www.oqube.com
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