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  • George Dinwiddie
    Aug 1, 2007
      David Carlton wrote:
      > On Wed, 1 Aug 2007 09:52:27 -0400 (EDT), "George Dinwiddie" <lists@...> said:
      >> In any event, people get stuck on things other than the first thing
      >> they do. Virginia Satir said, "Familiarity exerts a powerful
      >> pull. What we have observed and experienced day after day exerts a
      >> powerful influence. Most people will choose the familiar, even
      >> though uncomfortable, over the unfamiliar, because of that power."
      > I liked the bit in QSM v.4 where Weinberg was talking about the Satir
      > change model, and basically recommended (if I'm remembering correctly)
      > never staying too long in a mastery phase: "New Status Quo", when
      > you've become comfortable and productive with a new skill, is great,
      > but when it turns into "Old Status Quo", it's not so great. Not only
      > does that specific skill lose its freshness and adaptiveness, but your
      > skill at change in general will atrophy if it doesn't get used.

      Yeah, the difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

      > On the same vein, the pragmatics recommend learning a new programming
      > language every year.

      Good advice (anyone remember Computer Language magazine?), but there's
      other stuff to learn than just programming languages. Learning just one
      type of new thing is another stuckness.

      - George

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