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  • David Carlton
    Aug 1, 2007
      On Wed, 1 Aug 2007 09:52:27 -0400 (EDT), "George Dinwiddie" <lists@...> said:

      > In any event, people get stuck on things other than the first thing
      > they do. Virginia Satir said, "Familiarity exerts a powerful
      > pull. What we have observed and experienced day after day exerts a
      > powerful influence. Most people will choose the familiar, even
      > though uncomfortable, over the unfamiliar, because of that power."

      I liked the bit in QSM v.4 where Weinberg was talking about the Satir
      change model, and basically recommended (if I'm remembering correctly)
      never staying too long in a mastery phase: "New Status Quo", when
      you've become comfortable and productive with a new skill, is great,
      but when it turns into "Old Status Quo", it's not so great. Not only
      does that specific skill lose its freshness and adaptiveness, but your
      skill at change in general will atrophy if it doesn't get used.

      On the same vein, the pragmatics recommend learning a new programming
      language every year.

      David Carlton
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