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  • William Pietri
    Aug 1, 2007
      George Dinwiddie wrote:
      > In any event, people get stuck on things other than the first thing they do.
      > Virginia Satir said, "Familiarity exerts a powerful pull. What we have
      > observed and experienced day after day exerts a powerful influence. Most
      > people will choose the familiar, even though uncomfortable, over the
      > unfamiliar, because of that power."

      That's sure the truth.

      At the same time I've been teaching myself the whole Ruby on Rails
      thing, I've been teaching a friend Java and TDD. Both of us have years
      of programming experience, and we're both used to being highly
      productive. Jumping into an entirely new toolset can be terribly
      frustrating: nothing is comfortable, and it feels like it takes a
      million years to get anything done.

      Because I've been observing him learning stuff I know well, I can see
      that he's not actually being so unproductive, especially given his pairs
      keep him moving along pretty well. But I can see why he feels so slow.
      He never gets into a flow state, and every damned little thing is a
      struggle instead of a joy.

      For both of us, the pain is worth it, as we're trying to achieve
      something. But the experience has given me new appreciation for how hard
      agile adoptions are, especially when somebody's motivation is external,
      not internal.


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