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126026Re: [XP] Rose-Colored Code

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  • William Pietri
    Mar 6, 2007
      William E Caputo wrote:
      > --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, Michael Feathers
      > <mfeathers@...> wrote:
      >> Could be.. but the article states that people percieve the owned things
      >> as better. Rose colored glasses may inhibit recognition of quality
      >> problems too.
      > No, that was my point: individual ownership increases the risk from
      > this sort of thing. If its my module, its my baby -- I won't see the
      > warts. With collective ownership, we can counter each-other's
      > emotional subjectivity better than if we each own one little bit of
      > the whole.

      I think that's very true. Of course, I'm not sure that we have a good
      solution for dealing with that at a higher level. Promiscuous pairing
      helps me past problems of irrationally liking my module better than my
      colleague's. But once a group has reached convergence, I think we're
      still prone to the kind of effects that the study demonstrate.

      In some ways, I think it's less of a problem, as hopping around to
      different parts of the code base means we can often come to things with
      fresh perspectives. But in another aspect, I think it's more: if it's my
      whole team that has converged on a solution we like, I will have a lot
      more confidence in it and fondness for it than when I'm working alone.
      In some ways it feels a little tribal to me. Which is good, but not an
      unmixed good.


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