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126013RE: [XP] What is "bad" management?

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  • Steve Ropa
    Mar 6, 2007
      Oh, darn. I was just thinking I should create a rule that automatically
      deletes anything that comes in! So close! Oh well.

      Sorting your email as it comes in is an excellent way to triage what is
      important, what can wait, and what just doesn't matter.

      One approach I learned as a stockbroker (albeit with paper instead of email)
      is to automatically sort everything that comes in into its proper folder if
      it has one. Anything left in the inbox can wait until you have taken care
      of all of the sorted mail. Then, once a month, just wholesale delete
      everything in the main inbox. If it wasn't categorizable (not a real word),
      and you hadn't already acted on it, it couldn't have been important anyway.

      Anyway, I can tell that I currently have enough slack, because I can spend
      time arguing the merits of an empty inbox..


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      It depends on how you want to set up your workflow,
      and where the bottlenecks occur.

      One insight I've gotten from GTD is that, if you leave
      stuff in your inbox, it's got two rather bad effects.
      First, you go over it multiple times deciding whether
      it's something to be dealt with now, and second, it
      isn't where you need it when you're ready to deal
      with a project.

      That doesn't mean you clean out your mail client!
      If you want to hold mail related to a project on the
      client in a separate folder until you're ready to deal
      with it, that's fine. They have to be easily locatable
      from the central point of the project, and out of the
      way until then.

      John Roth

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      > Which means we might have uncovered where I am not understanding. What is
      > it about my inbox that affects rapid turnaround on work effects?
      > _____
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      > Steve Ropa wrote:
      >> These are a lot of good suggestions if an empty inbox is a goal you have.
      > Then we are back to the "Lean" notion of rapid turnaround on work effects.
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