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125155Re: [XP] Continuous Integration Question

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  • Kevin Lawrence
    Feb 1, 2007
      On 1/31/07, Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@...> wrote:
      > > Letting code into repository only after it has been pronounced
      > > good by a judging third-party is extremely inefficient, no matter
      > > if a judgment is made automatically or by hand.
      > Why's that? If you're going to test it anyway, why not test it
      > first? And if you're not going to test it, why write it, since if it
      > doesn't have to work, a shorter program would suffice.

      If continuous integration is good, anything that delays the integration is
      bad. I have never tried delaying integration in the way suggested [so
      discount it appropriately] but I expect that having a holding area would
      just delay the inevitable integration problems and, worse, increase the time
      between check-in and feedback making the feedback less valuable.

      CI works, IMO, because of a presumption that (a) the code is tested
      'well-enough' before it is checked in and (b) because all the developers are
      working on the same (latest) version of the code.

      If (a) does not hold, CI does not work because the build would be always
      broken, the lamp would be always red and therefore useless - contrary to the
      implication in your question ("if you're not going to test it..."), I don't
      think the OP was suggesting doing away with developers running tests

      Delaying the final check-in would violate (b). I expect that it is more
      efficient to work with the assumption that most check-ins will be 'good' and
      to address the exceptions if and when they occur. If we expect that most
      check-ins would be bad, a delay might work, but I would not want to work in
      that environment ;-)


      You send us code. We send you tests. For free.

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