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124210Re: [XP] Re: agile for traditional clients

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  • Laurent Bois
    Dec 2, 2006
      Very interesting...

      I'm working in an organization having traditional methods, but there
      are some differences with your list :
      1) The team is colocated
      2) It's not a whole large project but a lot of projects, some are
      large, others not so much
      3) Problems are complex
      4) Regulated environment
      5) CMMI organization
      6) The project is not outsourced
      7) The data warehouse is being continously built

      My experience on the last project i participated (which for me,
      failed) convinces me to purpose my client some agile methods for next

      But to convince my client and particularly managers, i do not have
      today a real cookbook to succeed.
      What could you suggest?


      Le 2 déc. 06 à 15:38, Scott Ambler a écrit :

      > One of the things that you'll run into when trying to convince
      > traditional organizations to adopt agile approaches is the "Yes, I'm
      > sure that works for others, but we're special" syndrome. They'll
      > often have what they feel to be good excuses for why they couldn't
      > possibly be agile, such as:
      > 1. Our team isn't co-located.
      > 2. It's a large project.
      > 3. The problem is complex.
      > 4. If we get it wrong, it's expensive if not impossible to redeploy.
      > 5. We're in a regulated environment.
      > 6. We're a CMMI organization.
      > 7. This is an outsourcing project.
      > 8. We're building a data warehouse.
      > In a DDJ column I discussed each of these false excuses in detail,
      > and why they're not valid in my opinion. The article is at
      > http://www.ddj.com/dept/architect/192700252?cid=Ambysoft if you're
      > interested.
      > - Scott

      Laurent Bois


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