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123084Re: [XP] Refactoring is the problem

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  • Ilja Preuss
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Hi Joe,

      you wrote:
      > Certainly, my reaction comes in part from a feeling of insecurity. If
      > I'm going to fail these people, then let's do it quickly, spectacularly
      > and get me out of there; if I'm going to help these people, then let
      > positive change be swift and lasting. I guess I'm demanding too much of
      > myself with that. Ultimately, if I waste their time, then when their
      > project fails, they'll blame me, then they'll wish they'd never met me.
      > I wouldn't like that to happen.

      It's hard for me to say this, because I love you - but then that's
      exactly why I think I should say it. Please excuse me that I currently
      can't find better words to say it.

      Yes, it feels to me as if you are expecting too much from yourself - and
      perhaps even take yourself as too important.

      I could imagine that the project succeeds and you still wasted their
      time. And I could imagine that the project fails, but they got a lot out
      of your time.

      Basically, I wouldn't expect you to be able to make their project
      succeed or fail. I would expect you to give them really good advice that
      would help them make their project succeed. And I would expect you to
      present that advice in a form that helps them understand and integrate
      it into their own way of working.

      If you manage to do that, and I'm positive that you will, many of them
      will wish to meet you again, even if the project fails. I would.

      At least it looks that way from where I stand. How does it look to you, now?

      Kind Regards, Ilja
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