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122638[XP] Re: Let's make things worse...

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  • igouy2
    Sep 11, 2006
      > > The news is full of huge projects that failed. Why pick this one?
      > I don't know Isaac's reasons, but what stands out for me
      > is that the report points the finger both at the customer's
      > failure to properly manage the project, and at the contractor's
      > failure to insist on it or to report the dereliction to higher
      > levels in the government.
      > And most failures are reported and then vanish without
      > more than a very small ripple.
      > That's almost unique.


      There seem to be more "stories" in this year old article
      "Who Killed the Virtual Case File?"

      Perhaps it's simplistic to say that the customer simultaneously
      expanded the scope and contracted the schedule, but perhaps not too

      (FBI agents doing web page design! I never realized FBI agents were
      skilled interaction designers...)

      "The company had settled on a spiral development methodology, an
      iterative approach to writing software. Basically, SAIC programmers
      would write and compile a block of code that performed a particular
      function, then run it to show Depew's agents what it would do. The
      agents—some of whom were working at SAIC's data center in Vienna,
      Va.—gave the programmers feedback, and the programmers tried to
      incorporate the suggested changes."
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