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  • Phlip
    Sep 9, 2006
      Willem Bogaerts wrote:

      > Thinking further, it is not that strange that "crisis" and "good project
      > management" are close, if you assume that the "ideal" shape of a
      > software project is not the "natural" shape of a software project.

      This thread reminds me of our new addition to this season's
      remembrances, the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

      On that day, the idea spread through the USA's air traffic control
      system to ground every plane, and it became an order. Then the
      individual controllers and dispatchers had to figure out how to do it.
      They did it by filling up the major hubs, then matching each remaining
      plane, with special needs, to regional airports with special
      abilities. One of them, for example, saw the second 747 in their

      (Also, I learned something I never heard before; there was a 5th
      hijacking team. And they completely escaped, after their plane didn't
      take off.)

      One of the documentaries, last night on the History Channel, discussed
      the NTSB's research into plans to develop an official national
      strategy to ground every plane, if the need occurred again.

      The research lead to the conclusion that there should be no plan. It
      would have been full of too many complications, such as "What if it's
      night? What if only one carrier is affected? What if there's a big
      weather front? What if a given region is off-limits?" etc. The plan
      would have required the same detail as controllers adapting on the fly
      to real conditions, news reports, etc. So they recommended not to
      provide such a plan.

      The conclusion is the USA's Air Traffic Controller system, the biggest
      BDUF and BRUF system we have, now has an official policy of Adaptive
      Planning for its worst situations.

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