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122605Re: [XP] Let's make things worse...

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  • Willem Bogaerts
    Sep 9, 2006
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      glbrown@... wrote:
      > I think that XP promotes shared risk between Customer and Developer.
      > Fixed scope, fixed price puts the majority of the risk on the Developer.
      > Time and materials puts the majority of the risk on the Customer.
      > Sharing the risk promotes a healthy and productive partnership between
      > the Customer and Developer. Anything less is almost certain to result
      > in both parties failing to meet their expectations.

      Yes, and I think it is the shared risk that calls for more involvement
      from both sides.

      Thinking further, it is not that strange that "crisis" and "good project
      management" are close, if you assume that the "ideal" shape of a
      software project is not the "natural" shape of a software project.

      Crisis is then being confronted with the natural shape, and good project
      management is recognizing the natural shape.

      Best regards,
      Willem Bogaerts
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