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121869Re: [XP] Doing agile retrosepctives

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  • Joshua Kerievsky
    Aug 2, 2006
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      June Kim wrote:
      > To those who have read both Agile Retrospectives and Project Retrospectives:
      > I have read Project Retrospectives a few years ago and have done
      > project retrospectives with dozens of teams. Do you think I can still
      > get some value from reading Agile Retrospectives? Is it for novices or
      > does it have some part for experienced people?
      I haven't read Agile Retrospectives yet. However, Diana and Esther both
      know Norm Kerth, author of Project Retrospectives, so I'd be surprised
      if there book said the same thing as Norm's. I think you'll find that
      they've gone further with the art and practice of retrospectives,
      particularly on agile projects.

      best regards,

      I n d u s t r i a l L o g i c , I n c .
      Joshua Kerievsky
      Founder, Industrial XP Coach
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      Berkeley, California
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