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121838Re: [XP] Agile 2.0

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  • Brandon Campbell
    Jul 31 10:33 PM
      On 7/31/06, William Pietri <william@...> wrote:
      > Marco Abis wrote:
      > > Scott W. Ambler has published some very
      > > interesting data related to a surveys done via Dr. Dobb's Journal.
      > > Questions, raw data and summary can be found at
      > > http://www.ambysoft.com/surveys/
      > >
      > Does anybody have data length of iteration and length of release cycle?
      > Those strike me as two key agile indicators and I'd love data on that.
      > I recently heard of an organization adopting "agile methods" that
      > planned to use three-month iterations, with the first iteration just for
      > "infrastructure," which was all naturally invisible to the customer. And
      > this was for a web site. I hope that's an outlier, but sometimes I have
      > nightmares...
      > William

      If you are looking at actual datapoints. My company, CompuSoft Development,
      does 2 week iterations, and 3 month 'major releases'. We actually provide a
      release after every iteration, in the form of an automatic update. The
      'releases' are when we create a new CD, burn it and send it to our

      Brandon Campbell

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