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  • Bill Kelly
    Jul 1, 2006
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      From: "Kent Beck" <kentb@...>
      > I don't see a contradiction. Isaac is talking about a book. You are talking
      > about a software process. It seems to me that Isaac has made a contribution
      > by doing his homework and asking for higher standards of scholarship. As an
      > author, I will try to take this to heart. Perhaps now it is time to return
      > the discussion to software development.

      You top-posting newbie!! What have you ever done for software
      development?!?!? :D :D :D

      Oh, yeah. Well. Anyway...

      > From: "igouy2" <igouy2@yahoo. <mailto:igouy2%40yahoo.com> com>
      >> Is it possible that those people, who agreed that it was obvious the
      >> agile approach was producing better software but were unable to find
      >> any significant difference in the data, were simply wrong and there
      >> really was no difference?
      > What about QWAN? :)

      I guess I trimmed too much context. I didn't think Isaac was
      talking about a book here. He was responding to Steve Gordon's
      having taken part in a three-year study, and....

      Oh well.

      Carry on.

      Sorry 'bout the noise. :)


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