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120726Re: [XP] Re: Like Garlic for Vampires

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  • Cory Foy
    Jun 25, 2006
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      Ron Jeffries wrote:
      > Flow is an interesting state. As far as I know these kinds of things
      > have not been addressed in studies:
      > What happens when two people work together? Is it still flow, or
      > is it something else?

      (Sorry for the late response!)

      An interesting thing I've noticed lately is that when I don't have a
      pair, I'm digging for my headphones so that I can focus on the code. I'm
      more likely to go into a heads-down mode. And we've noticed that on our
      team our velocity /increases/ when only one of us is there.

      So, I think that the Flow a pair is in is much different than the flow I
      would be in working individually. Perhaps like Luge versus Kayaking -
      you'll get down a lot faster, but you might miss out on lots of
      interesting things along the way.

      Cory Foy
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